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Enhanced performance

Reagent Savings





MagIA’s cutting-edge, no-wash technology outperforms ELISA, providing an assay in less than 15 mins using only 10 µL of reagent.

After 15 years of research in micro-magnetism applied to biology at various acclaimed french research institutes, MagIA provides an opportunity for immunoassay developers to transfer their kits to an innovative, highly sensitive, breakthrough Point of Care device. 


Thanks to a patented generic technology, any existing immunoassay can be transferred to the MagIA Point of Care device, which ensures :

• rapid results (in less than 5 minutes)

• high sensitivity – up to 10 times better than ELISA

• high reproducibility – does not require washing steps

• reduced reagent consumption – divided by 10 (working volume 5-10 µL)

Your immunoassay goes portable.

Point of Care

From healthcare professionals to patients, our innovative, mobile diagnostic technology will impact on the way health is monitored.

High throughput

MagIA is a highly transferable technology. Why wait? - Improve speed and specificity of your immunoassay today, in an affordable, accessible and convenient manner

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